50 Reasons You Are An Amazing Dentist

50 Reasons You Are An Amazing Dentist
What crosses your mind when you first wake up? How about after you’ve eaten breakfast and started getting ready for work?

Do you start your day with: “Oh crap… not again…”?

Do you secretly count the days till the weekend?

Do you worry about cancellations, empty spaces in your calendar, paying your bills, office politics and crazy schedule?

Are you so wrapped in the everyday chaos that you rarely get the chance to have lunch or take a bathroom break?

Remember: “Like attracts like.” It’s the Law. Look around you: sad people hang around other sad people, while happy people tend to flock to each other. Rich people have rich friends; poor people have poor friends. Attractive people date attractive people – do you see where I’m going with it?

So if it’s the Law, how can you make it benefit you? That is, how do you attract more stuff that you like?

Start with this exercise: open up a word document, or better yet, find a journal and write on the top:

50 Reasons I’m An Amazing Dentist.

Then… start listing the reasons. When we do this exercise with our clients, they typically come up very quickly with the first 3-5 reasons, and virtually everyone stops there. That’s okay! Pause for a moment and ask the question again:

What are the 50 Reasons that I’m An Amazing Dentist?

Keep going until you “empty your cup” again. Pause again. Ask the question again. Most of us can do it 3 or 4 times until we run out of ideas. Put it aside and try it again the next day. Read first what you wrote, pause, and add any new reasons.

The best time to do it is before going to work. Do it every day and see how it changes your attitude toward your patients, team members AND yourself!

Our brain can only hold one emotion at the time; it’s up to you to choose that emotion!

If there is something that is stopping you from reaching your full potential feel free to schedule a breakthrough call here.

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