From 0 to 15 Invisalign cases in 3 weeks

invisalign patient
Let me tell you about Emily, who had the OPPOSITE problem most dentists come to us with – she was in charge of a busy family practice. Practice, where most of the income was coming from low profitable treatments. This created a problem – struggle to reach their financial goals. There was a lot of pressure on her, and the entire practice. And the cost of the marketing was going through the roof.

Don’t stop reading if you have a small practice or you don’t market online! We want to show you marketing strategies and tactics, that will raise the number of high paid treatments to more than you can handle.

Believe it or not, the real problem wasn’t that Emily and her team were doing something wrong.

They might have put more effort into educating patients on the more complicated treatments such as implants, implant stabilized dentures, Invisalign and other services…

But you know as well as me that it’s impossible to do in a busy dental practice…

Or how difficult it is to convince your team to do that for you.

With Emily’s dental practice, it was a simple process…

We did a deep dive into her business and got a clear answer on questions such as:

“What resources she had…”

“What are the patients’ needs…”

“How can we save time and money…”

Within the first few weeks, we were able to see measurable results. We have decided to focus on Invisalign first. Emily booked her first few patients within the first couple of days. Then another one…. and another.

After three weeks?

She had 15 Invisalign patients that brought $67.5k in revenue.

This is what she posted a few days after:
Invisalign testimonial
Understand this: utilizing the resources you have should be your first step before starting any online marketing.

But as soon as that happens, you will face a whole new set of challenges: How to do it fast? How to generate consistent results? How to get your team on board? And how to save time doing it?

Having the right answers to these questions is KEY to growing your practice and getting your freedom back.

That’s what I want for you: to hit your income goals FAST, and do it in a way that sets you free.

You should be able to build a 7-figure business and still enjoy your life.

In fact, if you can’t combine these two, you don’t have a successful business, do you? You have a golden cage.

Let’s be honest – that’s what most dentists are living in – don’t you think?

You deserve better.

Book a call and let’s craft a step-by-step game plan to hit those income goals… and ALSO create some free ME TIME along the way.

Look – I don’t know how hard you’re working right now. Maybe 30 hours per week. Maybe 50. Hell, perhaps even 70.

Whatever it is, you need the income you want, and the freedom to enjoy it.

Let’s make that happen together.

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